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Waterproof Flooring


The next step up from standard Laminate products, these premium designed laminate boards offer the same benefits as standard laminate flooring but can be installed anywhere in your home – including your bathroom or anywhere else with actively running water!

These products feature a water tight interlocking system as well as a waterproof coating or core. The different brands that we carry will either be classified as waterproof – which means moisture cannot penetrate the watertight surface, and water resistant, which are typically guaranteed for 72 hours of water (by which point, the water will typically evaporate on most spills)

We also offer a range of these laminate products that can be rated for commercial use. It’s a smart choice for commercial spaces given the limited maintenance and care required after installation.

Diamond Flooring has an experienced team of designers, sales staff and professional installers. We’re equipped to help you turn your idea into a reality using superior quality waterproof laminate flooring.